Κυριακή, 23 Αυγούστου 2015

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Blaise Bailey Finnegan III

There's an evil virus that's threatening mankind 
It's not state of the art, it's a serious state of the mind 
The muggers, the backstabbers, the two faced elite 
A menace to society, a social disease 
To brainwash the mind is a social disorder 
The cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order 
Watching beginnings of social decay 
Gloating and sneering at life's disarray 
Eating away at your own self esteem 
Pouncing on every word that you might be saying 
To attack someone's mind is a social disorder 
The constitution, the government, martial law order 
Superficially smiling a shake of the hand 
As soon as your back is turned treason is planned 
When every good thing's laid to rest 
By the governments hate, by the constitution and their lies 
And every time you think you're safe 
And when you go to turn away 
You know they're sharpening all their knives 
All in your mind 
All in your head 
Try to relate it 
All in your mind 
All in your head 
Try to escape it 
Without a conscience they destroy 
And that's a thing that they enjoy 
They're a sickness that's in all of our minds 
They want to sink the ship and leave 
The way they laugh at you and me 
You know it happens all the time 
But it only happens in your mind 
The rats in the cellar you know who you are... 
Or do you? 
Watching beginnings of social decay... 

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